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A Stroll Through Imagination Park

I took my first non-Disney vacation in quite some time last week, and it was truly phenomenal.  Not the highlight of my time by a long shot, but the only bloggable Disney moment ( ) was when I got to visit my first Imagination Park Disney Store during the trip. The new Kenwood Towne Center [...]

Bitten By the Vinylmation Bug

When I first saw a Vinylmation figure on-line, almost two and a half years ago, I thought, how silly!  Who would ever want something so strange? When I saw them in person about a year later, I thought, well, those are actually kind of cute, maybe I’ll get one.  At the end of that trip, [...]

It’s a Nice Day When You Wake Up in Disneyland

It’s a lazy, breezy song for a lazy, breezy Sunday afternoon… about a year ago I discovered the song Disneyland by Five for Fighting while lsitening to my favorite podcast, Window to the Magic.  I instantly fell in love.  The song, is actually a romantic ballad of sorts, but comes off as an ode to [...]

Jonas LA… The Official End of Summer

The season finale of Jonas LA aired tonight, and now it feels like Summer 2010 is officially over.  It was a pretty good summer actually… much better than the rest of the year, and Jonas LA might just have been my favorite part.  I know, I’m probably a little old to list Jonas as my [...]

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust… It’s Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

When, Disney announced their new Fairies line a few years ago, the highlight of which was to be a series of computer-generated animated movies, the Disney purists squawked and I jumped for joy.  Okay, yes, I do consider myself to be a bit of a purist – please don’t mess with the Disneyland Hotel, please [...]

Peter and the Sword of Mercy – The Starcatchers are Back!

I’m reading the latest in the Peter and the Starcatchers series – by Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry – right now, and I can honestly barely put it down to write a blog post  At the D23 Expo, I had the opportunity to attend a session with Ridley Pearson, in-person, and Dave Barry, via satellite. [...]

Disneyland Fireworks and a Pile of Dogs

It’s hard to be a Disney fan(atic) living nearly 1000 miles from the magic.  I have my Disneyland CDs to help pass the time between visits, not to mention the myriad of websites out there that seem to bring the magic and encapsulated in my 15 inch monitor… but nothing compares to the little treat [...]

Okay with Being a Fan of D23

I’m excited for Disney 23.  There, I’ve said it… and I can hear some of your responses  But it’s so expensive!… It’s a marketing ploy!… What’s so special about it anyway?!  I know! I’ve said all of those things to myself… repeatedly.  But, the truth is that I think it is neat to be a part [...]

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

October was a long month and I’ve been away from Rays of Disneyland for a while… I’m trying to change that now! Recently I’ve been spending a lot (too much) time over at the new Disney Fairies website. If you think you are too old for this on-line gaming community, well… so am I… but [...]

DisFriends is Back and Better Than Ever!

One of my favorite ways to share my thoughts on everything Disney with other Disney fans is on DisFriends .  This social networking site offers a forum for Disney fans to meet and mingle on the web.  Recently, problems with spammers and other “cyber-junk” threatened to shut down the site.  But, thanks to the help of the [...]