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Wordless Wednesday – Saying Goodbye

I'm writing this from my grandma's room in Hospice and I can say that this has been the toughest time of my life. I don't have a lot of words to say right now… I think they are stuck somewhere behind the tears. But for this Wordless Wednesday I thought it was only appropriate to [...]

The Best of the Best 2011

My Favorite Pics My Favorite Characters (clockwise; Ridley Pearson, Chad from Days in the Park, Rapunzel & Flynn Rider, my Twitter buddy @Rachaface) My Favorite Posts           Wordless Wednesday – Happy New Year (with a comment from Mike of Dick Van Dyke     & the Vantastix!)   Flashback Friday – A Trip Around the [...]

What Will You Celebrate?

Grab your virtual noise-makers and blow-up those digital balloons because it’s birthday week here at Rays of Disneyland!  That’s right, Friday marks a not-so-virtual, milestone birthday for me, and while I’m not exactly looking forward to turning *ahem* well, another year older, I am excited about throwing myself a little blog birthday party, and all [...]

Do or Do Not. There is No Try

Wow — Time really does fly these days!  I guess you could say I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus.  One of the most frustrating Fibro symptoms that I battle is “Fibro Fog.”  It’s always there, but every so often it invades my brain like a wormy virus and “disables” my ability to [...]

Bitten By the Vinylmation Bug

When I first saw a Vinylmation figure on-line, almost two and a half years ago, I thought, how silly!  Who would ever want something so strange? When I saw them in person about a year later, I thought, well, those are actually kind of cute, maybe I’ll get one.  At the end of that trip, [...]

Reflections of Nana

Just after Christmas 2010, my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer.  In a whirlwind of just two weeks, she had a biopsy, a consultation, and a lumpectomy.  It was a tumultuous journey but, at this point, the doctors feel that she is cancer-free.  As I’ve watched my grandma go through so much, especially at 94 [...]

Trip Report Details – Captain EO

As I’ve mentioned before, Captain EO at Disneyland, holds special memories for me about my grandma.  So, when the attraction returned to the park, and I found out we would be able to see it during our September vacation, the feeling were bittersweet.  Now 94, my grandma isn’t able to join my mom and me [...]

The Holiday Season Comes to Rays of Disneyland

The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind for me, so I’m working on getting back to the swing of things here on Rays of Disneyland.  But, Christmas at Disneyland is one of my favorite memories of my life so… onward into December! Mondays will, hopefully, continue to highlight vintage pictures and stories and [...]

The Golden Vine

A path Encrusted with vibrant green gems, Juicy grapes dripping from the vines. Mystery ahead, what magic lays beneath these leaves? Gracefully unfurling under a watchful stare, And shimmering as the sunlight plays with the shadows.

Haunted Mansion Holiday or “Squealing with Joy”

The first time I went to Disneyland for my birthday was two years ago and happened during a really difficult time in my life.  I remember that my mom packed my suitcase for me because I just didn’t… it wasn’t that I couldn’t or even that I didn’t want to, I just didn’t have it [...]