Like any good Disney fan(atic) I have a sizable Disney Bucket List that I’ve accumulated over the years. Some wishes have been fulfilled, some are fantastical and would require some major pixie dust to come true, others simply have not come to pass yet.  So, let’s fill this page with the biggest Disney Bucket List ever made!  I’ll start with mine and when/ if they are fulfilled, I will cross them off the list.  Then, leave a comment below with your list and I will add it to the master.  Be sure to come back and let us know when your dreams have been achieved!  Can you help someone cross an item off their list?  Leave a comment for that too… we’ll have a giant bucket list community.  I can’t wait to hear what everyone’s deepest Disney desires are… enjoy!

  1. Go to Disneyland! (fulfilled March, 1990)
  2. Dine at Club 33
  3. Stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite
  4. Visit Disneyland Paris (fulfilled June, 2002)
  5. Visit Tokyo Disneyland
  6. Visit Hong Kong Disneyland
  7. Stay at the Grand Floridian
  8. Go to a Disney movie premier
  9. Fly as Tinker Bell during Disneyland’s fireworks
  10. Meet Julie Andrews
  11. Write professionally for Disney
  12. Go to a private party at Disneyland
  13. Get married in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
  14. Meet X Atencio
  15. Dance in the Haunted Mansion ballroom
  16. Celebrate my birthday in Disneyland (fulfilled September 2008 and 2010)
  17. Visit Disneyland at Christmas time (fulfilled December 2009)
  18. Go to Disneyland for their 50th Anniversary (fulfilled July 2005)
  19. Ride in the Lilly Belle train car
  20. Be the voice of a Disney animated character
  21. Take my best friend and her little girls to Disneyland (fulfilled at WDW June 2011)
  22. Have the courage to sing at the American Idol Experience in Disney World
  23. Take my kids to Disneyland one day
  24. Go to Marceline, MO
  25. See World of Color at California Adventure (fulfilled September 2010)
  26. Take my mom to the 100th anniversary of Disneyland to celebrate her 100th birthday

Oh…. and marry a Jonas Brother… 😉

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