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Classic Disneyland Hotel – The View

I suppose this one can’t all be blamed on changes to the Disneyland Hotel, but the view from those well-loved balconies had certainly transformed over the years.  The first time I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, we got a “lagoon-view” room in the Bonita Tower.  Sadly, there are no lagoon views these days, nor is [...]

Classic Disneyland Hotel – Stromboli’s Ristorante

Before Downtown Disney offered innumerable menu choices, the Disneyland Hotel served up its own assortment of enjoyable restaurants.  My favorite was the cult-classic Monorail Cafe.  If you are unfamiliar with the Monorail Cafe, it was an up-beat diner situated across from the Monorail station.  However, one of my favorite Disneyland Hotel memories was at Stromboli’s [...]

Classic Disneyland Hotel: The Marina

When Downtown Disney at Disneyland opened in 2001, my excitement was for a new park, a new hotel, and a new shopping district was tempered by my disappointment in the changes made to the Disneyland Hotel.  The renovations began in 1998 and by 2001 gone were the only remaining buildings from 1955, the Monorail Cafe, [...]

Classic Disneyland Hotel – Fantasy Waters Show

Disneyland execs recently announced that there will be a major “refurb” and update to the pool area at the Disneyland Hotel.  That’s okay, I guess.  I mean I love the Neverland Pool with its projection of Tinker Bell into the water at night and Captain Hook’s ship sitting in the center.  And, heck, I still [...]