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Disneyland 2012 – Day 5

Tuesday morning turned out to be the perfect morning for a relaxing breakfast at the Storyteller's Cafe before heading into the Park. Storyteller's is one of our favorite indulgences and, thanks to a little customer service issue at the Disneyland Hotel, we had vouchers for a free breakfast! Once in the Park we were happy […]

Disneyland 2012 – Day 3

Today was finally the big day… the all-new, re-imagineered California Adventure for the first time! We had a lot of trepidation about walking into this new park for the first time because we had been some of the few guests that really enjoyed the previous incarnation of DCA, but when we stepped onto Buena Vista […]

Disneyland 2012 – Day 3

Day Three proved to be another phenomenal day! We started out bright and early, again, to get a good spot in the ballroom for the morning sessions. I was especially excited to see Andreas Deja and a whole panel on the Evolution of Tinker Bell during the first half of the day and neither panel […]

Disneyland 2012 – Day 2

This day was a great start to a great conference! It started EARLY… Or at least early if you had been schmoozing at Club 33 until midnight the night before. 😉 However, that was a predicament I was willing to accept, so, with Mickey Mouse Waffles from room service fresh in our bellies, we headed […]

Disneyland 2012 – Day 1

This day was absolutely crazy!! It was a Mr. Toad kind of ride to the airport and we made it just moments before the cut off to check in for our flight! Not quite my style but we made it none the less. 🙂 Once we got in the air, though, it was smooth sailing […]

A Stroll Through Imagination Park

I took my first non-Disney vacation in quite some time last week, and it was truly phenomenal.  Not the highlight of my time by a long shot, but the only bloggable Disney moment ( 🙂 ) was when I got to visit my first Imagination Park Disney Store during the trip. The new Kenwood Towne […]

Trip Report Tuesday – Disneyland 2011 Part 2

While the majority of the rest of my Disneyland 2011 trip was spent traipsing through the D23 Expo, we did have one additional evening and a little over a half day in the Park… it definitely didn’t seem like enough time, but it was still wonderful, and I’m glad we had at least a little […]

Trip Report Tuesday – Disneyland 2011 Part 1

My Disneyland trip this year was based mostly on being able to attend the D23 Expo, but we did have two almost full days and one evening to spend in the Park, and we definitely made the most of it!  Considering the crowd levels, I think we accomplished a lot in the time that we […]

More From the D23 Expo – My Expo Lowlights

As you can hopefully tell from yesterday’s D23 Expo Highlights post, I had lots of fun at this year’s event, and there were a lot of wonderful memories to be made.  However, the Expo wasn’t without incident, and, unfortunately, I had a few major disappointments this year.  I don’t, by any means, want to be […]

Trip Report Thursday – My D23 Expo Highlights

Suitcase contents are strewn around the room, stacks of Vinylmation are piled on tables, and I spent most of my afternoon clearing space on my computer to fit all of the pictures I need to upload… all signs point to the end of vacation, and if those weren’t enough, the post-Disney blues have set in […]