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Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game

If youve been reading Rays of Disneyland for very long, you know that I am a huge fan of Ridley Pearson and his Kingdom Keepers series. The latest Kingdom Keepers installment came out last Tuesday and I had quickly motored through it. In classic Kingdom Keepers form, Book Five, Shell Game, is a wild through [...]

Trip Report Thursday – My D23 Expo Highlights

Suitcase contents are strewn around the room, stacks of Vinylmation are piled on tables, and I spent most of my afternoon clearing space on my computer to fit all of the pictures I need to upload… all signs point to the end of vacation, and if those weren’t enough, the post-Disney blues have set in [...]

Trip Planning Thursday – D23 Expo ’11

I can’t believe that the D23 Expo is only 35 days away!  I’m so excited to have the opportunity to do this again.  The 2009 Inaugural Expo was so indescribably awesome, I don’t know what they will do to top it… but I’m sure they will come up with something! I thought for my first [...]

Peter and the Sword of Mercy – The Starcatchers are Back!

I’m reading the latest in the Peter and the Starcatchers series – by Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry – right now, and I can honestly barely put it down to write a blog post  At the D23 Expo, I had the opportunity to attend a session with Ridley Pearson, in-person, and Dave Barry, via satellite. [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday… Sunday and D23 Expo Edition

Well, it’s not Friday anymore, but it’s still a Fantasmic time to celebrate everything I’m so excited to see at the D23 Expo.  So many events have been announced in the past week, I don’t even know how I’ll fit it all in… but I’m so excited to try!  So, without further ado, here are [...]

Kingdom Keepers are Back on the Pages…

In 2005, Ridley Pearson, adult thriller author, wrote what would soon become my favorite book… The Kingdom Keepers (later titled The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark).  This young-adult, page-turner was an adventure into the depths of backstage Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  Pearson researched Disney World from top to bottom and blended a perfect [...]