In 2005, Ridley Pearson, adult thriller author, wrote what would soon become my favorite book… The Kingdom Keepers (later titled The Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark).  This young-adult, page-turner was an adventure into the depths of backstage Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  Pearson researched Disney World from top to bottom and blended a perfect amount of fiction and fantasy… from catacombs below Pirates of the Caribbean to the Utilidors winding beneath the park.  The Kingdom Keepers is a MUST-READ for any die-hard Disney fan.

Now, Pearson has done it again… The Kingdom Keepers: Disney at Dawn was released August 26th and proved to be a worthy sequel to my original favorite.  Virtual Magic Kingdom fans will be thrilled to see how Pearson revives the defunct on-line game in his fictional world and all Disney fans should be excited to see Pearson’s in-depth research of a different Disney theme park… Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  This book delivers in all the same areas of the original, but watch out for the cliff-hanger ending… you’ll will be scrambling for more!

Click below to watch Ridley Pearson take you on a tour of the Animal Kingdom as he previews The Kingdom Keepers: Disney at Dawn

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