Today was finally the big day… the all-new, re-imagineered California Adventure for the first time! We had a lot of trepidation about walking into this new park for the first time because we had been some of the few guests that really enjoyed the previous incarnation of DCA, but when we stepped onto Buena Vista Street for the first time, we were thrilled. Buena Vista Street really is a masterpiece that showcases the best of what Disney does so well with theming and detail. I really couldn't believe how amazing it was.

The rest of the day was equally amazing as each new element of the park was like turning back the pages on a wonderful book filled with rich and beautiful detail. Cars Land was amazing! The Carthay Circle Restaurant for lunch was incredible! Watching the neon light up in Radiator Springs was so much fun. And, once dusk had descended on the day, it was time to stake out a spot for my absolute favorite Disney show of all time… World of Color.

When the air had grown cooler and we were filled with a World of Color high, it was time to resolve to a 90-minute wait and get in line for Radiator Springs Racers. I definitely thought on more than one occasion throughout the line that this attraction better be worth the wait and it more than certainly was! Really this ride was so fun and I felt so happy that we got to close our day on this awesome note!


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