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Wordless Wednesday – Friends From the Start

Thanks to Focused on the Magic for hosting this week's Disney Wordless Wednesday blog hop! This week's theme is Disney Friends, and the new Storyteller's statue at California Adventure is all about friends…   Posted with Blogsy

Disneyland 2012 – Day 3

Today was finally the big day… the all-new, re-imagineered California Adventure for the first time! We had a lot of trepidation about walking into this new park for the first time because we had been some of the few guests that really enjoyed the previous incarnation of DCA, but when we stepped onto Buena Vista […]

Trip Planning Tuesday – Disneyland and Destination D

When this summer was just a blossom on the calendar, it held the promise of being the best summer I've had in a long time… unfortunately, it didn't turn out quite that way, so now my upcoming trip to Disneyland sounds that much sweeter. It seems like the weeks have absolutely dragged leading up to […]

Wordless Wednesday – The Letter C

This week's Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop is brought to you by Focused on the Magic and the letter C!         Posted with Blogsy

The Best of Disney on Pinterest – 6/11-6/17

The Internet was buzzing last week with news of the grand reopening of California Adventure, but Pinterest was still the place to go for any Disney thing you can imagine! From tea time, to 90s prime time TV, to true Disney confessions, here are a few of my favorites pins from last week.     […]

Flashback Friday – California Dreamin

Disney California Adventure’s big day arrived with all the fanfare that a grand reopening deserves, and as lines for the newest blockbuster, e-ticket attraction soared to 4+ hours, I couldn’t help but smile at memories of a DCA ghost town of yore. But, say what you may, a little bit of me will always miss […]


In honor of Disney California Adventures big day, I wanted to share one of my favorite memories from the DCA of yesterday… the Eureka parade cruised the parade route at DCA, on and off, for about a year and half, but suffered the same fate of most of California Adventures opening elements. I know this […]

Pinning Disney – The Best of Disney on Pinterest 3/12-3/18

The volume of amazing, fun, and fabulous things to be found on Pinterest continues to astound me… maybe that’s why I spend just a little more time on the site than I should. 😉  With all of those “pins” to be discovered, it’s no wonder that there is no shortage of wonderful Disney moments to fill […]

Wordless Wednesday – Christmas on the Pier

This week on the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, hosted by Focused on the Magic, we’re celebrating Disney Christmases, both at home and in the Parks.  Be sure to head over to Focused on the Magic to see all of the great holiday posts!  I’ve posted this pic before, in a smaller and less edited […]

Flashback Friday – Christmas in the Esplanade

As I’ve mentioned before on Rays of Disneyland, my family likes California Adventure… in all of its not-quite-themed-enough glory, we have a fondness for Disneyland’s neighbor. It’s no surprise, then, that I was so sad the day that those giant CALIFORNIA letters in the esplanade came tumbling down. I liked that the insides of the […]