DCA Entrance XmasAs I’ve mentioned before on Rays of Disneyland, my family likes California Adventure… in all of its not-quite-themed-enough glory, we have a fondness for Disneyland’s neighbor. It’s no surprise, then, that I was so sad the day that those giant CALIFORNIA letters in the esplanade came tumbling down. I liked that the insides of the letters could be changed to match the season and I especially liked that there was an A for Alyssa. 🙂 Christmas was the best time of year for taking pictures with the letters as they were decked out in red and green and even featured larger-than-life characters hanging over the sides.

As was the tradition, I got my picture taken in front of the last A a couple of years ago at Christmastime.  This letter was adorned with Goofy, all tangled up in lights and ready for his close-up.  He was so much fun! 🙂

While I haven’t seen the new DCA entrance in person, I have seen pictures, including the Christmas decorations draped over the turnstiles, and it really does look nice. But, I’ll always miss my California letters and I’m so glad to have my own pictures to keep the memories alive.

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