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Mile High Magic

Admittedly this post has nothing to do with Disney. Its about finding Magic in those everyday, non-Disney moments. I had the blessed opportunity to attend the Denver Broncos playoff game last night to see my favorite player of all-time, Tim Tebow, play in his first NFL playoff game. And it was nothing less than Magical. [...]

The Magic of Friendship

This post falls in the category of Not Quite Disney But… when you live 1,000 miles away from the Magic, it’s always special to find a little bit of the Magic in the everyday.  So, while the title of this post might be a bit cliche, it is definitely true.  I spent the day with [...]

For Every Laugh There Should Be a Tear

Walt Disney once said, about making his animated features that, “for every laugh there should be a tear.” It’s funny because life is like that too sometimes… for every laugh there is a tear. I think I’ve been in the tear phase of my life. Four months ago, I walked into work. Eight hours later, [...]

A Trip into My Past… The Frank Lloyd Wright House

I was looking through some old papers this weekend and found a report card from the 8th grade… Hey I said they were old I got a C+ in math… My blood pressure went up, a lot.  Okay, so before you start thinking that I was one of those kids in school… Well I was [...]

What I Learned at BlogHer 2009

When I was in the First Grade I was so shy that I cried to go home nearly every day for the first month… apparently I had reached my limit of social interaction within the first few minutes of each day.  When I was in college I forced myself to meet people and make friends… [...]

Walk MS – Denver, Colorado

Okay, so it’s not Disney, but it is close to my heart… last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the Walk MS event at City Park in Denver. A few months ago a close friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and this was her first MS event. I was proud to be a [...]