Admittedly this post has nothing to do with Disney. Its about finding Magic in those everyday, non-Disney moments.

I had the blessed opportunity to attend the Denver Broncos playoff game last night to see my favorite player of all-time, Tim Tebow, play in his first NFL playoff game. And it was nothing less than Magical. There really isnt another word to describe what I witnessed last night, and it wasnt all in that over-time, 11 second, 80-yard drive to win the game.

No, this was a night that was electrified with Magic rippling through the 75,000+ crowd. Pulsing through the seats like lightning through a stormy sky. The only feeling I can compare it with is that of watching Remember fireworks explode through a Disney sky. Or that moment when you step onto Main Street and see that gleaming castle in the distance.

Perhaps the most poignant moment of the night came when a bright full moon crested over the top of the stadium… it was radiant and particularly special for my family. My mom and grandpa had a special connection over full moons and football, so Im pretty sure he was looking down on us last night and smiling at our revelry. :)

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