Tuesday morning turned out to be the perfect morning for a relaxing breakfast at the Storyteller's Cafe before heading into the Park. Storyteller's is one of our favorite indulgences and, thanks to a little customer service issue at the Disneyland Hotel, we had vouchers for a free breakfast!

Once in the Park we were happy to see that the crowds were at least a little lighter and we were able to cruise through Fantasyland, hitting all of our favorite attractions along the way. We also had a lovely lunch at Cafe Orleans and peacefully enjoyed watching the hustle and bustle of New Orleans Square while munching on the famous Monte Cristo.

The end of the day was a little bittersweet as we had to get everything packed up to check-out the next day, but we did get to watch the fireworks right from our room at the Disneyland Hotel! We were so pleased that even with a parking lot view, we had an absolutely perfect view of the fireworks. The hotel even has a tv channel dedicated to playing the music from Magical in sync with the show! What an awesome way to end the day! 🙂


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