Thoughts and reflections on the Happiest Place on Earth…

Welcome to Rays of Disneyland!  Thanks for stopping by; I hope you enjoy your trip… Rays of Disneyland is a blog dedicated to capturing the magical essence that is Disneyland.  Less dedicated to breaking news and more dedicated to recalling what really makes Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth, this is my homage to my favorite place.

I’m a copy writer and editor by day and a blogger and web surfer by night.  I love all things Disney, but Walt’s original theme park has truly captured my heart.  This is the place to share your thoughts, reflections, and memories of Disneyland and indulge in my own recollections.  So… look around and enjoy yourself, then feel free to comment and engage in the conversation!

~ Alyssa Ray

Site Disclosure

Rays of Disneyland is in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries.  The information contained herein is merely my musings and memories of the Happiest Place on Earth and in no way represents the opinions of the Walt Disney Company.  Disney characters and trademark locations and ideas are ©Disney.  All other text, images, and ideas are ©AlyssaRay unless otherwise noted.

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