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For Every Laugh There Should Be a Tear

Walt Disney once said, about making his animated features that, “for every laugh there should be a tear.” It’s funny because life is like that too sometimes… for every laugh there is a tear. I think I’ve been in the tear phase of my life. Four months ago, I walked into work. Eight hours later, [...]

What I Learned at BlogHer 2009

When I was in the First Grade I was so shy that I cried to go home nearly every day for the first month… apparently I had reached my limit of social interaction within the first few minutes of each day.  When I was in college I forced myself to meet people and make friends… [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday… the Flu Version

I came to the unfortunate realization this week that Flu bugs caught while at Disneyland are not any more magical than regular Flu bugs… in fact, they seem to last longer… not the kind of souvenir I was looking for! My ever-growing trading pin collection was bolstered this week by the edition of 20 new [...]