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Wordless Wednesday – From Pixie Hollow to the Mighty Matterhorn

Wordless Wednesday – Disneyland Rose

A little bit of Disneyland in my backyard with these wonderful Disneyland Roses!

For Every Laugh There Should Be a Tear

Walt Disney once said, about making his animated features that, “for every laugh there should be a tear.” It’s funny because life is like that too sometimes… for every laugh there is a tear. I think I’ve been in the tear phase of my life. Four months ago, I walked into work. Eight hours later, […]

Escaping the News… Keeping the Magic Alive

I’m sure everyone has their own strange traditions when visiting Disneyland… I’m also equally sure that mine border on psychosis… When I go to Disneyland, I check in to the magic and check out of the real world. That means that, typically much to my mom’s chagrin, that nothing but the Disney channel will play […]

Wordless Wednesday – Haunted Mansion Holiday

Effects courtesy of

Disneyland Day 1

My first day in the park was – of course – amazing 🙂 I’m writing in my room before I get ready for the day so here’s a quick update… Favorite part of the day: Lunch at the Carnation Cafe… It’s a tradition for as long as I can remember that the first meal of […]

Sleepless Nights and Disneyland Audio

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you probably know about my recent health issues and frequent trips to the doctor for vitamin B12 injections.  Ironically, one of the symptoms that led me to give in to going to the doctor was that I can’t sleep at night but I can’t stay awake […]

Fantasmic Five Friday!

It’s Fantasmic Five Friday and it’s a countdown to Disneyland! We made our dining reservations this week… that always seems to make things more real 🙂 Sure, it’s not qute the ritual that obtaining ADRs from Disney World seems to be, but it’s still a lot of fun! As I am typing this, there are […]

Captain EO and Trying Not to Make a Point

When I started this blogging adventure, I knew that I didn’t want to be a writer who simply reacted to whatever was happening in late-breaking Disney news.  I like even less to expound upon big new events and aid in the media over-coverage of those events.  But the death of iconic Michael Jackson has made me […]

Fantasmic Five Friday is Back!

Hello blogosphere and welcome back to Fantasmic Five Friday on Rays of Disneyland! As I’m watching the new Summer Nightastic events unfold at Disneyland, I’m wishing I could be there this summer and this fall… *sigh* I will have to wait until September. I absolutely cannot wait for the D23 Expo!  I’m so excited to […]