Small World CharactersMy first day in the park was – of course – amazing :-) I’m writing in my room before I get ready for the day so here’s a quick update…

  • Favorite part of the day: Lunch at the Carnation Cafe… It’s a tradition for as long as I can remember that the first meal of the trip is at the Carnation and I love it :-)
  • Weirdest line of the day: 15 minutes to buy giant cupcakes at Marcelines in DTD… But it was worth it :-)
  • Best ride of the day: Um… All of them?! Haha that is true but I really enjoyed the new characters in Small World and seeing the Sleeping Beauty Castle walk-through for the first time :-)
  • New smell to add to the list… The rather chlorinated water in Pirates of the Carribbean… Sounds strange but it definitely means you are there! :-)
  • Since it is now night on Day 2 I think I will post this… Follow me on Twitter at for pics and more updates!

Update: Usually I wouldn’t go back and spruce up a blog post… but I had no idea what the formatting would look like when I posted from my WordPress app on my iPhone! :-)

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