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Celebrating 20 Years of Disneyland Magic

While Disneyland is celebrating its 55th Anniversary this year, when I arrive at the Happiest Place on Earth in two short weeks, I have my own milestone to celebrate.  This trip will mark 20 years of visiting Disneyland for me!  It may seem like a silly thing to keep track of, but it means the […]

Wordless Wednesday – Dinner at Downtown Disney

The La Brea Bakery for dinner, listening to the sounds of Downtown Disney, watching the decidely fantastic chaos of the World of Disney, and a bushel of sparkling, night-time Mickey balloons… life is good.

Escaping the News… Keeping the Magic Alive

I’m sure everyone has their own strange traditions when visiting Disneyland… I’m also equally sure that mine border on psychosis… When I go to Disneyland, I check in to the magic and check out of the real world. That means that, typically much to my mom’s chagrin, that nothing but the Disney channel will play […]

Disneyland Day 1

My first day in the park was – of course – amazing 🙂 I’m writing in my room before I get ready for the day so here’s a quick update… Favorite part of the day: Lunch at the Carnation Cafe… It’s a tradition for as long as I can remember that the first meal of […]

The Sweet Smells of Disney

We were having a discussion at work this week about what fun would smell like.  It was actually quite the debate… even to the point of the philosophical question, “If you didn’t know if fun would smell like cotton candy or a locker room, would you still want fun to have a specified smell?”  Oh […]