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Wordless Wednesday – A Disney Photo Halloween Day 2

Day two of the Rays of Disneyland Halloween photo special takes us back to the west coast and right to Disneyland Resort’s World of Disney.  This awesome treehouse sat in the entry to the store from the time it opened until just a year or two ago when the plush room was remodeled.  The centerpiece [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Dinner at Downtown Disney

The La Brea Bakery for dinner, listening to the sounds of Downtown Disney, watching the decidely fantastic chaos of the World of Disney, and a bushel of sparkling, night-time Mickey balloons… life is good.

Why I Love… Downtown Disney

Stream of Consciousness Style Walking, walking, tired feet… it is so worth it! Down the chilly hall and the out the door… such a beautiful stained glass window high above the courtyard. Through the gates and out into a twinkling wonderland. Lights are strung like pixie dust through the trees. Loud music, somehow blends in [...]