Stream of Consciousness Style

Walking, walking, tired feet… it is so worth it! Down the chilly hall and the out the door… such a beautiful stained glass window high above the courtyard. Through the gates and out into a twinkling wonderland. Lights are strung like pixie dust through the trees. Loud music, somehow blends in the background. Not quite to the park but loving every minute. Sephora scents in my nose… rosey perfumes, musk and fancy soaps… My feet know the way, straight in the World of Disney… It’s a tradition, you can’t get to the park without a trip through the giant store… Disney music, Disney fans, tourists, locals, bright lights and shopping magic. I should wait, but who doesn’t need just one more antenna topper? Waiting in line… still worth it… but ready to get to the park.

Walking and walking again… lines, lines, waiting and walking. Lovely sounds of every park attraction caressing the night air, bouncing on the breeze and in my ears. Finally in the turnstyle… thousands of tiny lights glimmering around me. Thousands of tiny fairies flying around this place, landing on Mickey’s floral head and lighting him up in the night… A trip through Downtown Disney on a warm spring night and gently riding the breeze into the Happiest Place on Earth.

© 2009, Rays of Disneyland. All rights reserved.

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