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Entries Tagged ‘Disneyland 35th Anniversary’

Flashback Friday – The Ultimate Disney Collection Then & Now

One thing I remember quite vividly from my first trip to Disneyland is the giant “shadowbox” displaying Disney memorabilia at the entrance to Disneyland, as part of the 35th Anniversary celebration. To my knowledge, the collection debuted for this anniversary, but if you have more facts about it, please let me know in the comments! [...]

Flashback Friday – The Disneyland Armadillo Band

Thanks again to Sarah at Magical Days with the Mouse for hosting this week’s Flashback Friday! This week’s Flashback Friday is a quick and irreverent look at one of the quirkiest bands ever to grace Disneyland.  I came across this photo when looking through old albums.  I remember thinking these guys were really funny but [...]

Flashback Friday – My First Attraction

It’s time for another Flashback Friday hosted by Magical Days with the Mouse! Last week I introduced the idea of Flashback Friday and what that would look like here at Rays of Disneyland.  I also shared a sneak peek at one of my Disney firsts… my first character, B’rer Fox.  I hope to continue to [...]

Celebrating 20 Years of Disneyland Magic

While Disneyland is celebrating its 55th Anniversary this year, when I arrive at the Happiest Place on Earth in two short weeks, I have my own milestone to celebrate.  This trip will mark 20 years of visiting Disneyland for me!  It may seem like a silly thing to keep track of, but it means the [...]