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Wordless Wednesday – Uncle Walt’s Apartment

Albeit a replica in a Main Street Window on display for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary in 2005, the site commanded a certain reverence that stopped the true Disney geeks dead in their tracks.

Celebrating 20 Years of Disneyland Magic

While Disneyland is celebrating its 55th Anniversary this year, when I arrive at the Happiest Place on Earth in two short weeks, I have my own milestone to celebrate.  This trip will mark 20 years of visiting Disneyland for me!  It may seem like a silly thing to keep track of, but it means the [...]

Sleepless Nights and Disneyland Audio

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you probably know about my recent health issues and frequent trips to the doctor for vitamin B12 injections.  Ironically, one of the symptoms that led me to give in to going to the doctor was that I can’t sleep at night but I can’t stay awake [...]

Disneyland Fireworks and a Pile of Dogs

It’s hard to be a Disney fan(atic) living nearly 1000 miles from the magic.  I have my Disneyland CDs to help pass the time between visits, not to mention the myriad of websites out there that seem to bring the magic and encapsulated in my 15 inch monitor… but nothing compares to the little treat [...]