Smells of SoarinWe were having a discussion at work this week about what fun would smell like.  It was actually quite the debate… even to the point of the philosophical question, “If you didn’t know if fun would smell like cotton candy or a locker room, would you still want fun to have a specified smell?”  Oh goodness… this is way too much thought people!  Of course fun has a smell… it’s Disneyland!

The more I thought about it, the smells of Disneyland came rushing into my memory.  Not only does fun have a smell but happiness and child-like fantasy are all wrapped up in there too.  Now, if this was a Smell-o-Blog this would be a lot easier… but since it’s not, you’re going to have to work a little harder to bring up all of those amazing smells.

Fun is the smell (pumped through vents or not) of decadent sweets when you walk past the ice cream store and the candy store.  It’s that swirling smell of churros wafting through the Hub.  It’s popcorn being “popped” by a little Yeti at a popcorn stand with the Matterhorn looming above.  It’s a pine fresh, orange, sea breeze while Soarin’ Over California. It’s freshly squeezed juice when walking bleary-eyed through Downton Disney, past the Jamba Juice, when the dew is still fresh in the morning.

Mmmmm… yes Disneyland is the smell of fun and happiness… what are your favorite Disney smells?

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