dscn0671I was looking through some old papers this weekend and found a report card from the 8th grade… Hey I said they were old :-) I got a C+ in math… My blood pressure went up, a lot.  Okay, so before you start thinking that I was one of those kids in school… Well I was one of those kids!  I mean, come on, a C+!!  I didn’t get Cs!  I’m pretty sure this was around the time I started thinking that I might not be cut out for my dream of being an architect… a few high school geometry courses confirmed this fact.

But, during my childhood, when I spent summer days inside with graph paper and modeling kits… designing outlandishly wonderful and bizarre homes… I developed a deep love for all things Frank Lloyd Wright.  Years later the Arts and Crafts style of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel deepened this love.  So, when I realized I would have approximately 6 hours from the time my plane hit the Tarmac in Chicago until BlogHer activities began, I bought three tickets to the Frank Lloyd Wright House and Studio in Oak Park and let my travel companions know they would be joining me… I was afterall marking something off my “bucket list” and needed a crowd for the occasion.

So, after an hour drive behind a slow, smelly bus, a Chicago style monsoon, and a small, but painful, tumble in a puddle, I took my first step into the home of Frank Lloyd Wright.  I was instantly in love with everything I saw.  While I couldn’t take photos inside the house, I will never forget the the little nook by the fireplace that drew me deeper into the house.  This was more than a museum tour… it was a little trip back in time, into the home, and maybe even the mind, of one of the people that helped shape my childhood and even the person I have become.  It’s a little bit like walking through those turnstiles at Disneyland and walking in the footsteps of Walt.

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