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The Best of Disney on Pinterest – 6/11-6/17

The Internet was buzzing last week with news of the grand reopening of California Adventure, but Pinterest was still the place to go for any Disney thing you can imagine! From tea time, to 90s prime time TV, to true Disney confessions, here are a few of my favorites pins from last week.     [...]

Pinning Disney – The Best of Disney on Pinterest 3/12-3/18

The volume of amazing, fun, and fabulous things to be found on Pinterest continues to astound me… maybe that’s why I spend just a little more time on the site than I should.  With all of those “pins” to be discovered, it’s no wonder that there is no shortage of wonderful Disney moments to fill multiple [...]

Pinning Disney – The Best of Disney on Pinterest 1/30-2/5

Pinterest seems to be gaining more momentum every day, with the Twitter buzz being that the “virtual pinboard” site now is responsible for driving more internet referrel traffic than Linked In, YouTube, and Google+ combined!  It’s no wonder, then, that the amount of amazing Disney “pins” just continues to grow.  If you missed my first [...]

Pinning Disney – The Best of Disney on Pinterest Last Week

If you haven’t joined the Pinterest craze yet, I simultaneously urge you to do so and caution you against it… it’s addicting! There is just about every Disney pic, beauty tip, recipe, craft, bucket list, and everything else that you can imagine on there.  I’ve had so much fun creating “pin boards” with all of [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Great Character

Thanks to Focused on the Magic for hosting this week’s Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!  This week’s theme is Characters: Great & Small and one of the first pictures that came to mind was this one of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Walt Disney World.  I found an image on Pinterest recently that said “I’m [...]