In honor of Disney California Adventures big day, I wanted to share one of my favorite memories from the DCA of yesterday… the Eureka parade cruised the parade route at DCA, on and off, for about a year and half, but suffered the same fate of most of California Adventures opening elements. I know this is probably another attraction where I find myself in the minority, but I really enjoyed the Eureka parade. In fact, I’ll admit, that I think it was more visually captivating than any other daytime parade that has graced the performance corridor in DCA. I know, I know, you think I’m crazy, but, unlike the vast majority of visitors to the Park, I dont live in California and when I visit I like to soak up all of the California goodness I can find. 🙂

Eureka celebrated the cultural diversity and beauty of the Golden State. From Latin dancers, to LA icons, to the beach, and even a walking Golden Gate Bridge, this was a colorful, artistic tribute to all things California, and I couldn’t have loved it more!

So, while, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the new DCA later this summer, I’ll always look back with great fondness for the original Park.

Come back tomorrow for a Flashback Friday look at some of my other favorite DCA memories.



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