If youve been reading Rays of Disneyland for very long, you know that I am a huge fan of Ridley Pearson and his Kingdom Keepers series. The latest Kingdom Keepers installment came out last Tuesday and I had quickly motored through it.


In classic Kingdom Keepers form, Book Five, Shell Game, is a wild through the world of Disney from start to finish! The Kingdom Keeper heroes are now in high school and dealing with their fair share of growing pains when they arent engaged in a battle to save Disney Magic from being destroyed by the Villainous Overtakers. Pearson does a great job of sensitively introducing the perils of being a teenager, while staying true to the vision of the series.

I think this book does a great job of putting together all of the puzzle pieces that will finally be revealed, in their entirety, when the series concludes in Book Seven (slated for an April 2014 release). Plus, what could be more exciting than a grand adventure on the high seas, complete with Disney Villains in every shape and size?! That is exactly where the courageous Kingdom Keepers are are headed for the inaugural voyage of the Disney Dream, and a special Kingdom Keepers cruise to introduce the holographic tour guides to the Disney Cruise Line. A change of scenery is a great addition to the series as it opens up a proverbial Whole New World of places and spaces to take these characters. But, Disneyland fans never fear, rumor has it that, while the sixth book will continue on the Dream, the final battle for the Magic will supposedly take place in Walts original Magic Kingdom.

If you love the Kingdom Keepers books or would like to learn more, check out this awesome interview with Pearson. Oh, and get your copy of Kingdom Keepers V now! :D But be warned that the ending is a major cliffhanger and book six isnt due out until this time next year! Until then, enjoy reading this series again and again and again… well, maybe thats just me… ;) and also check out my previous post about other books in the series.






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