Imagination EntranceI took my first non-Disney vacation in quite some time last week, and it was truly phenomenal.  Not the highlight of my time by a long shot, but the only bloggable Disney moment ( 🙂 ) was when I got to visit my first Imagination Park Disney Store during the trip.

The new Kenwood Towne Center Store in Cincinnati opened just a month or so ago, so I was feeling pretty lucky to have made it there when I did and the store definitely did not disappoint.

Imagination TreeHaving worked at a very old “Pink & Green” style Disney Store, I was interested to see what these new format stores were all about.  I liked that when we walked up to this store the front just read “Disney” in those large, iconic letters.  It’s great brand marketing and a welcoming beacon to fans young and old.  Walking into the store is like stepping into a magical, digital park… complete with trees with changing leaves, a gazebo, and a winding pathway.  To the right is the world of Toy Story and Cars, and to the left is everything Disney Princesses.  As you meander along the pathway, you’re sure to see a surprise or two, including some of your favorite Disney characters “hanging” out in the trees.  Along the tops of the walls you can also catch a glimpse of projections of Disney/Pixar characters set in the backdrop of silhouettes of movie locations that fit in the park theme.  Near the back of the store, is a plush wonderland where kids can spin large gears to make the plush display move, as well as a fun park gazebo with a classic Disney Store screen and interactive elements for little ones.

Imagination OswaldWhile the product selection is large, it was comparable to the small, rather dated store here in Denver, with a few exceptions.  I was very excited to find the entire Disney Store fragrance line, including the new Pixie Dust scent, as well as a few collectible items that aren’t available locally.  Overall, however, I was impressed with all that was squeezed into this relatively small space.

I really enjoyed the Imagination Park concept and I think it infuses some of the magic back into the stores that has been missing in recent years.  The experience has been updated for the techno-generation but the magic has been revived for guests of every age.

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