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Disneyland 2012 – Day 1

This day was absolutely crazy!! It was a Mr. Toad kind of ride to the airport and we made it just moments before the cut off to check in for our flight! Not quite my style but we made it none the less. Once we got in the air, though, it was smooth sailing from [...]

Trip Report Tuesday – Disneyland 2011 Part 2

While the majority of the rest of my Disneyland 2011 trip was spent traipsing through the D23 Expo, we did have one additional evening and a little over a half day in the Park… it definitely didn’t seem like enough time, but it was still wonderful, and I’m glad we had at least a little [...]

Trip Report Tuesday – Disneyland 2011 Part 1

My Disneyland trip this year was based mostly on being able to attend the D23 Expo, but we did have two almost full days and one evening to spend in the Park, and we definitely made the most of it!  Considering the crowd levels, I think we accomplished a lot in the time that we [...]

Disneyland Trip Report – The Hottest Day in History

There is an entire Facebook page with over 14,000 fans dedicated to our last day in Disneyland.  Okay, okay, it’s not specifically about me but it is about September 27, 2010… the hottest day in Los Angeles (and Southern California) history.  And, boy, was it!  It was the hottest day in my history too!  We [...]

Disneyland Trip Report – Birthday at Disneyland

After two warm, but cloudy days, September 23rd bloomed into being with all the bright, shining promise of sun that a birthday should hold.  And, I was awakened by a knock on the hotel room door and a special delivery of one, stunning, Princess Tiana birthday cake, which we ate heartily for breakfast!  Every day [...]

The Post-Disney Blues… A Vacation Recap of Sorts

There are certain marks that you know make you a true Disney freak fan… hopefully some of you are with me on this one. I cry when I drive away from the resort at the end of my vacation… back to the airport, back to reality.  I start planning my next Disney vacation the day [...]

Disneyland’s Iconic Chef Oscar

Die-hard Disney fans all know that every trip to Disney has to include a few special traditions… whether it be the left or right tunnel that you always enter through, the first attraction you have to ride, or the one meal you can’t miss… one of the most magical parts of any Disneyland visit is [...]