Tiana CakeAfter two warm, but cloudy days, September 23rd bloomed into being with all the bright, shining promise of sun that a birthday should hold.  And, I was awakened by a knock on the hotel room door and a special delivery of one, stunning, Princess Tiana birthday cake, which we ate heartily for breakfast!  Every day should be this good!

Full of cake and with my birthday Mickey ears squarely on my head, we ventured out for an unparalleled birthday extravaganza.  First stop: a real breakfast to complement our cake breakfast. :-)  I chose my favorite place in all the Land… the Carnation Cafe.  And the best part?  Birthday wishes and a picture with Chef Oscar, my favorite Disney ”character.”


A birthday in Disneyland means all of my favorite things… pirates, ghosts, space rangers, and Neverland (oh my!)… and we accomplished them all!  I was even surprised by a birthday guitar serenade from Ernie, another of my favorite Disney “characters.”  If you haven’t met Ernie, he is the older man with the beautiful soul, who has played the jazz guitar in New Orleans Square for as long as I can remember.  He gave me a wonderful birthday treat!

The plan for the evening was dinner at the Napa Rose, but -

Ernienot being an adventurous eater, AT ALL – we diverted to plan B, Steakhouse 55, when nothing on the Napa Rose menu excited me.  I know, I know, for all of the Disney foodies out there, it is surely sacrilege, but Steakhouse 55 provided a lovely birthday dinner, really unrivaled by any other I’ve had. :-)

The perfect way to cap off a birthday – and keep my inner child happy – was a trip to Build-a-Bear for a birthday Jo Bro bear… no I’m not kidding, and no, I’m not embarrassed! :-)

Steakhouse 55

It was really fun and helped soothe that aged feeling one gets when they are finally only one year away from the big 3-0. ;-)  Full, happy, and beaming we returned to our hotel room, ready for the next day’s adventure to begin.

Coming up next Tuesday… D23 Destination D.

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