PolynesianAfter three-plus years of sitting on my Disney Bucket List, the day had come to check one off the list… Disney World with my best friend and her family was gleaming in the early-morning Orlando sun like a field of pixie dust encrusted wishes.  After a near-midnight plane touch-down, we were a slightly bleary-eyed group of adventurers as we set off for the Kona Cafe Friday morning.  But, onward we pressed, and, after bus, boat, and a slightly frantic stroll through the Polynesian’s lush grounds, we were getting our nom on with Banana-Stuffed French Toast, which was nothing short of amazing.

Let the Memories Begin

Finally, we were stepping off the Monorail and entering the Magic Kingdom… I was so excited to see the girls’ faces when they stepped onto Main Street for the first time, but it turned out that the real magic was in seeing all of our faces (regardless of age and whether or not we had been there before) as we realized not just that we were staring at Cinderella’s Castle but that we were doing it together.  For those of you who know me in “real life,” you know everything that my friend and I have gone through in the past few years, and how special it was for us to be taking the vacation with each other and our families.

Carousel of ProgressThe rest of the day was full of a stream of exciting and touching experiences, as we intrepidly toured Main Street and Tomorrowland.  We had the awesome opportunity to meet Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Mickey, Minnie, and Buzz all in the course of a few hours!  The girls were thrilled… and the adults too. ;-)  Although, we only got through three attractions on the first day, we had loads of fun picking out our Mickey ears, starting our week-long quest for Vinylmation, learning that Disney Cast Members are very patient when you drop your bag on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (love ya, Megan! ;-) ), and my mom and I even got to see our favorite classic, Carousel of Progress, and eat at one of our old-time faves, The Plaza Restaurant.

T-Rex CafeAfter much-needed naps and a break from the unrelenting Florida sun, we were off again, this time taking a relaxing Sassagoula Boat Ride to Downtown Disney for an evening of food and fun.  We had a quite enjoyable meal at the T-Rex Cafe (which I found surprisingly tasty and fun) and ended our evening at the Mother Ship of Vinylmation, D-Street.  D-Street was a really cool experience for all of us as we share a love of Vinylmation and we shared in a great experience, making trade after trade with another group until they ended up with the Buzz vinyl they were searching for and we ended up with the Woody vinyl that we needed!

D-Street SignThe highlight of Day One?  Having my best friend and her family experience, first-hand, why I love Disney so much, and seeing them share that magic with my mom and me.  It was a first day that was different and uniquely special from any of my other trips, and it set the tone for a really wonderful vacation.

Coming up next Tuesday… Star Wars Weekends or “The Dawning of My Star Wars Obsession Appreciation.”

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