The past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind for me, so I’m working on getting back to the swing of things here on Rays of Disneyland.  But, Christmas at Disneyland is one of my favorite memories of my life so… onward into December!

Mondays will, hopefully, continue to highlight vintage pictures and stories and Classic Disneyland Hotel memories.  My only hold-up with these stories has been a technical glitch between my negatives scanner and my Mac.  Hopefully, though, I will get that worked out so I can post more often with my vintage memories.

Tuesdays I will look at a few specific memories from my September Disneyland trip, including more thoughts on World of Color and Captain EO.

Wednesdays will stay Wordless but with a Christmas flair.

Thursdays I will explore some of my amazing memories from my Christmas trip to Disneyland a year or two ago.

Fridays will continue in the Rays of Disneyland tradition of Fantasmic Five Friday.

Saturdays and Sundays will again be combined into one random post about anything and everything Disney.

So, stay tuned for a festive celebration at Rays of Disneyland this month.

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