Storm Troopers DHSWow — Time really does fly these days!  I guess you could say I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus.  One of the most frustrating Fibro symptoms that I battle is “Fibro Fog.”  It’s always there, but every so often it invades my brain like a wormy virus and “disables” my ability to focus, concentrate, multi-task, and basically anything else that a person would need for the task of writing.  As such, blogging feels like a nearly impossible task, and, for a writer, that is a pretty unbearable place to find yourself.

So, what does that have to do with the ultimate geekery of titling a blog post with a quote from Yoda?  Well, had you asked me that question two months ago, I never would have made the connection.  But, after two complete viewings of the six-episode Star Wars Saga and a magical experience in Walt Disney World, Yoda seems to resonate with me in a different way now.

So, bear with me as I air my giant Geek-Card for a moment.  As I was watching Star Wars one night, it was as if Master Yoda looked right out of my TV screen and said, only to me, “A writer you wish to be?  Then, ‘do or do not. there is no try.'”  Laughing yet? Probably.  But was it effective in my life?  Definitely.  Now, I’m not saying that Fibro Fog isn’t real and doesn’t have a profound effect on how I live my life.  Sometimes my brain is so drained from trying to focus at work that I can hardly function to drive myself home.  But, how much easier is it to say, “I tried to write today, but it was really hard, so I gave up,” instead of just doing it, and, no matter how poorly it may turn out, knowing that I did it anyway, even when it was hard.

So, that’s the plan moving forward for Rays of Disneyland.  Post as often as I possibly can, and keep doing it even when it feels impossible.  There will be days that nothing gets posted because I did it and it didn’t go so well, but, hopefully, there will be lots of days when I can say look what I did, even though it was hard, and it took me a long time, and I got so distracted and so frustrated, but I did it.

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