October was a long month and I’ve been away from Rays of Disneyland for a while… I’m trying to change that now! Recently I’ve been spending a lot (too much) time over at the new Disney Fairies website. If you think you are too old for this on-line gaming community, well… so am I… but it’s still addicting :) I just can’t get enough of those tiny fairies fluttering about Pixie Hollow! Check it out… and be sure to look up Serendipity Rainmist when you do.

In other pixie related news… I’m sure most of you have seen that the newest Disney Fairies have made residence at Disneyland (and kicked Ariel out of her grotto in the process!). Sadly, I missed them by about a month on my last Disneyland trip, so I am anxiously waiting to see them next year. One of my favorite websites, DisneyGeek.com has a wonderful photo update this week with lots of pictures of the stunning new Pixie Hollow at Disneyland. Also, Orlando Attractions Magazine had a great video of the fairies’ debut at Walt Disney World.

Finally, the cause of all this fairy buzz? The new Tinker Bell movie! Typically, I won’t even watch one of these Direct-to-DVD Disney sequels, but I have an exceptionally large soft spot for Tink and I couldn’t wait for this new movie. I have to say, it didn’t disappoint. I loved every moment and found just the right Disney details to make this a truly magical movie. The Tinker Bell movie was definitely my favorite Disney moment of the week… and I’ve already watched it twice.

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