The season finale of Jonas LA aired tonight, and now it feels like Summer 2010 is officially over.  It was a pretty good summer actually… much better than the rest of the year, and Jonas LA might just have been my favorite part.  I know, I’m probably a little old to list Jonas as my favorite band, tv show, and crush, ;-)  but it’s just so good!  I’m not completely sure, but I think being a teenager was supposed to be a lot more like that and a lot less like the years that I lived through.

Summer is all about being irreverent, carefree, maybe even a little magical.  That’s why, every Sunday night, for the past 20-some weeks, I made a point t sit down and spend 30-minutes with Nick, Joe, Kevin, Stella, and Macy.  Ahhh yes, that was time well spent.  Doesn’t everyone need 30-minutes a week to step out of reality?  Okay, okay, so I may have extended my love for all things Jonas beyond that 30-minutes… but is it really my fault that La Baby makes such a fabulous ringtone?  Or that the Jonas LA album is the perfect anthem for summer driving?  Surely you can’t fault me for spending lazy summer afternoons floating away on crisp, cool, California waves with a Jonas to be named later…  Oh, and seeing the actual Jonas clothes at the Studio 365 store at Disneyland?  Well, that was just a bonus.Jonas display blog

Yep, it’s been a good summer spending Sundays with the Jo Bros.  I can’t believe it’s over… summer and the show that is.  It’s true, I might have even shed a tear at the end of the episode… it seems I get a little sentimental about things like this.  These are the special moments in life that are important to cherish and tuck away for a cold, snowy day a few months from now.  And, yes, I’m watching that last episode for a second time right now and have to stop just to watch Joe tell Stella he loves her… this is good tv.  That acoustic version of LA Baby at the end of the episode was pretty spectacular too. :-)

So, here’s to summer- that it will come around again quickly – and here’s to Jonas LA… to Joe and Stella finally getting a kiss, to Macy and Nick building a great foundation, and to the city “Where dreams are made of…”  Thanks for the sweet summer memories.

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