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Fantasmic Five Friday

Okay… technically it’s about 50 minutes late, but better late than never… it’s a Fantasmic Five Friday update fit for a Saturday. It seems the post-Disney blues are flittering away, but only because some special plans are coming down the pike… watch for an update later this weekend… It’s been sick day central for me, [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday… Sunday and D23 Expo Edition

Well, it’s not Friday anymore, but it’s still a Fantasmic time to celebrate everything I’m so excited to see at the D23 Expo.  So many events have been announced in the past week, I don’t even know how I’ll fit it all in… but I’m so excited to try!  So, without further ado, here are [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday!

It’s Fantasmic Five Friday and it’s a countdown to Disneyland! We made our dining reservations this week… that always seems to make things more real Sure, it’s not qute the ritual that obtaining ADRs from Disney World seems to be, but it’s still a lot of fun! As I am typing this, there are only [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday is Back!

Hello blogosphere and welcome back to Fantasmic Five Friday on Rays of Disneyland! As I’m watching the new Summer Nightastic events unfold at Disneyland, I’m wishing I could be there this summer and this fall… *sigh* I will have to wait until September. I absolutely cannot wait for the D23 Expo!  I’m so excited to [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday… Is Back!

It seems that life sometimes gets away from us… when we least expect it, we find ourselves running around in circles without an end in sight. It is after such a time in my life that I find myself back at the helm of Rays of Disneyland and ready for a new year in the [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday

I’ve been keeping up with my favorite Disney websites, comparing notes on the Halloween decorations that I got to see just days before Disneyland’s official kick-off… SIGH, I still have the giant Mickey pumpkin to cross off my list of Must-Sees at Disneyland. After 3 months of grieving, my family has decided that it’s time [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday… the Flu Version

I came to the unfortunate realization this week that Flu bugs caught while at Disneyland are not any more magical than regular Flu bugs… in fact, they seem to last longer… not the kind of souvenir I was looking for! My ever-growing trading pin collection was bolstered this week by the edition of 20 new [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday… The Post-Vacation Edition

After a vacation hiatus, I’m back on my blog kicking things off with a special birthday vacation edition of Fantasmic Five Friday… After hearing mixed reviews of Innoventions new House of Tomorrow, I was extremely impressed with this new edition to Tomorrowland. Disappointed that the Haunted Mansion Holiday was scheduled to open just two days [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday… Volume 2

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I wrote my last post!  What a crazy week it’s been… deadlines galore… and all that Disneyland daydreaming…  So, here’s the second edition of my own Fantasmic Five Friday. I’m loving my new camera… I was pretty sad when my hot pink Samsung broke just [...]

Fantasmic Five Friday

In the (somewhat) grand tradition of many of my favorite bloggers… I’ve decided to add a weekly list of my top five “Fantasmic” things for the week. So, get ready for the first Fantasmic Five Friday! In just 14 days, at this time, I will be packing to jet off to Disneyland for my birthday… [...]