Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I wrote my last post!  What a crazy week it’s been… deadlines galore… and all that Disneyland daydreaming…  So, here’s the second edition of my own Fantasmic Five Friday.

  1. I’m loving my new camera… I was pretty sad when my hot pink Samsung broke just a few weeks before vacation, but it was a great excuse to get the Nikon of my dreams!
  2. Loving catching up on an ’80s, young adult, “thriller” novel.  Disneyland Hostage takes place at the Happiest Place on Earth and is about the highest level of scary I can stand.
  3. It’s been rainy here for the past 2 days… my boss says he didn’t plan on living in Seattle… I think rain sets just the right mood for writing.
  4. Just one week left until my big, birthday Disneyland trip.  I can’t wait for the Rays of Disneyland updates that will follow.
  5. I just realized that if I wait any longer to come up with number 5 Fantasmic Five Friday will roll over into Saturday… have a magical week!

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