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Trip Report Tuesday – Disney World Days 5 & 6

I’m bringing my Disney World trip reports to an end today, but stay tuned for lots of fun this weekend as I blog my daily recaps of the D23 Expo! Day 5 By the time Day 5 in Disney World rolled around, some of my least favorite Fibro symptoms had set in, so we got […]

Here Youth May Savor the Challenge and Promise of the Future

I love watching the look on kids’ faces when they are at Disney… when they see the Castle for the first time, when they spy their favorite character across the Hub.  Thus far, I haven’t been blessed with children of my own, but I have been fortunate enough to share in the lives of my […]

Child-less at the Disney Character Buffet

I love watching childrens’ eyes light up when they meet their favorite character for the first time, the tenth time, even the 100th time… it never gets old for kids.  There is always a sense of amazement and wonder for them when Mickey walks down Main Street or Cinderella comes to their dinner table.  Well, […]