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Disneyland Fireworks and a Pile of Dogs

It’s hard to be a Disney fan(atic) living nearly 1000 miles from the magic.  I have my Disneyland CDs to help pass the time between visits, not to mention the myriad of websites out there that seem to bring the magic and encapsulated in my 15 inch monitor… but nothing compares to the little treat [...]

More Indy facts…

As fate (or coincidence) would have it, A Window to the Magic podcast features the Indiana Jones attraction on this week’s show.  Patrick Hurd provides amazing trivia, fact and interviews on this terrific ride.  I definitely recommend checking out A Window to the Magic podcast #149 for more reasons Why I Love… Indiana Jones and the [...]

Disneyland’s Iconic Chef Oscar

Die-hard Disney fans all know that every trip to Disney has to include a few special traditions… whether it be the left or right tunnel that you always enter through, the first attraction you have to ride, or the one meal you can’t miss… one of the most magical parts of any Disneyland visit is [...]