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Flashback Friday – Carnation Plaza Gardens

As many of you know, the Carnation Plaza Gardens hosted its last dance last weekend, as it is being closed and converted to a new Princess Meet and Greet area. I try to roll with the punches when it comes to Disneyland refurbishments. I know that everything wont stay the same forever, and while Im [...]

Flashback Friday – Snow White’s Grotto

One of my favorite places in Disneyland to stop and soak in my magical surroundings is at Snow White’s Grotto. I love the story of eight marble figurines – seven dwarves and Snow White – showing up at the Walt Disney Studios from an anonymous artist in Italy. Did you know that all of the [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Welcome May

Its time for another Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, hosted by Focused on the Magic! This weeks theme is about finding your favorite shot to represent the month of May in our virtual Wordless Wednesday calendars. These performers in Mickeys Soundsational Parade look like the embodiment of spring to me, so I thought they were [...]

Wordless Wednesday – In the Glow of the Castle

The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop is hosted by Focused on the Magic. This weeks theme is Nature, so be sure to stop by the hop to check out all of the other wonderful images! This guy was basking in the warm reflection glistening off the castle moat… not a bad way to relax away [...]

Flashback Friday – Pirates and Pan

I love finding old pictures of characters that arent so common in the parks anymore… I love finding unusual character pics even more. So, when I found the negative for this picture of me and Mr. Smee with Peter Pan in the background, I knew it was perfect for todays Flashback Friday. Maybe if I [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Adventures in Disneyland

Thanks once again to Focused on the Magic for hosting this weeks Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! This weeks theme is Adventure, and this picture struck me as the embodiment of Disney adventure… the mighty Matterhorn looming in the background as the sleek and retro Monorail races over Liquid Space. Be sure to stop by [...]

Wordless Wednesday – The Disneyland Band

Thanks to Focused on the Magic for hosting today’s Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!  Today’s theme is Hats and what better hats to show off than the ones the Disneyland Band wears?  I love getting to Disneyland just as they are opening the gates and having the band welcome me into the park.

Wordless Wednesday – California Adventure Icons Then & Now

Thanks again to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting another great Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!  This week’s theme is Disney Icons, so be sure to stop by the hop and check out all of the great iconic images!

Flashback Friday – Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Long before Tarzan ruled the jungles of Adventureland, another family called this exotic locale home.  From 1962-1999 the Swiss Family Robinson opened their treehouse home for the Disneyland masses to experience.  In 1999, however, the treehouse received a complete makeover to align with the release of Disney’s newest animated film, Tarzan.  Thankfully, the Robinson’s live [...]

Wordless Wednesday – Rancho del Zocalo

Thanks to Deb at Focused on the Magic for hosting today’s Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Today’s theme is Frontierland, and this is one of my favorite images of this western land.  Rancho del Zocalo is always overflowing with bougainvillea and is a welcome burst of life amid the arid desert.  Be sure to stop [...]