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Flashback Friday – Pirates and Pan

I love finding old pictures of characters that arent so common in the parks anymore… I love finding unusual character pics even more. So, when I found the negative for this picture of me and Mr. Smee with Peter Pan in the background, I knew it was perfect for todays Flashback Friday. Maybe if I [...]

Pinning Disney – The Best of Disney on Pinterest 2/13-2/19

From football, to crafts, to history, and art, Pinterest continues to overflow with amazing Disney imagery and memories.  There aren’t too many things that were more exciting for me than seeing Tim Tebow and Minnie Mouse together in a parade, call it “A fangirl’s worlds collide! ”  I also loved discovering amazing Disney miniatures made [...]

Wendy Moira Angela Darling

After I lost my precious puppy this summer, I wasn’t sure I would ever be ready for another dog. But with healing came a renewed sense of needing something furry around the house again. A couple of months ago we welcomed Wendy Moira Angela Darling into our home from a local animal rescue. Yes… Wendy, [...]