Trip Planning Tuesday is back and this week I need your best tips and advice on traveling in large groups to Disney World.  As I mentioned before, I have the amazing opportunity to visit Disney World this summer with my best friend and her family.  The means there will be seven of us adventuring through the theme parks… but the biggest group I’ve ever traveled to Disney with is three, so I need some good tricks for getting through the summer crowds with seven people.  In additon to myself, we’ll have my best friend, her terrific husband, their two little girls, her awesome mom, and my favorite Disney companion, my mom.

We want to visit all four parks in the six days that we will be there and, also, have to take into consideration naps for one of the girls, as well as my own physical limitations presented by my Fibro.

I’ve been trying to plan at least one table-service restaurant per park (possibly with the exception of Animal Kingdom), and the best game-plan for counter-service meals.  So, my first question, how difficult is the advance dining reservations process when you are booking for large groups?  Also, have you found some restaurants are better at accomodating these large parties?

In regards to resting during the day, do you have any tips on the best times to go to and from the parks to avoid major headaches with the busses?

I’m so excited for this trip, and while we’ve already faced adversity in planning it (work schedules, etc.), I know that it will be one of the most magical experiences of my life.  I’m sure that whatever our plans are for eating and resting and everything else in the World, we will have an amazing time, just being together and discovering the magic together.

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