As I mentioned last week, Friday was antique treasure hunting day… one of my favorite days.  My mom and I pile in the car, drive across town, and embark on a journey through our favorite antique store that usually last for several hours… all in the name of finding that one hidden Disney gem that makes it all worth while.  Our Friday adventure lasted five hours!  But we found quite a few special items to bring home.  So, as promised, here are some pics of my Disney loot:

Pin picWe happened upon one vendor that had literally hundreds of Disney pins!  While not priced quite right to use as traders, I did find a few special pins to add to my collection.

Plate picIt’s a little hard to see in the pic, but this awesome, vintage California souvenir tray features classic landmarks, including a tiny Sleeping Beauty Castle labeled “Disneyland.”  The poppies are especially wonderful and remind me of the Grad Californian Hotel.

Doll picOkay, so this last item is really only “Disney” by association but it is still wonderful.  Sitting on a rather unsuspecting shelf, I found this little guy.  He’s a Marie Osmond Adora Beau Nautical and Nice doll from 2003.  He does have a small problem with his eyelashes, but that should be an easy fix, so I’m excited to add him to my Marie doll collection.

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