fantasmic-five-fridayWell, it has been quite a week around here and a great time to recap it all in a Fantasmic Five Friday!

  1. I’ve been reading lots of reports about all the rain at Disneyland and thinking about how cranky one day of moderate rain made me during my last trip… YIKES! I would hate to be around me if I was vacationing during this monsoon! :-)
  2. I just wrote a post about Peter and the Sword of Mercy, then I stayed up half the night to finish reading it! Haha, it really is a must-read… a seamless transition from the original Peter and the Starcatchers trilogy.
  3. I’ve been researching lots of different vacation options for 2010… I wish I could afford them all! For now, I’m hoping for one trip to Disneyland this year and one, long overdue, trip to Walt Disney World. Wishful thinking? Maybe… but I’ll keep you all posted ;-)
  4. If we are friends on Twitter, you know that I have recently found myself jobless. It’s quite an adventure to be embarking on… I feel a little unprepared, so if anyone wants to send some pixie dust my way, I wouldn’t protest ;-)
  5. My seemingly never-ending health saga continues with a trip to the neurologist on Monday… What a way to start the week! Thinking happy thoughts for a good report :-)

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