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Flashback Friday – Holiday Memories

The holiday festivities officially kicked off on Rays of Disneyland yesterday, so I figured what better way to celebrate the season than with a quintessential Disneyland Christmas moment?  This picture was taken at the end of the Believe in Holiday Magic fireworks show.  I remember reading about the fireworks and the snow that falls on […]

Mapping the Magic – Walt Takes You to Disneyland

Several years ago, Disneyland started selling rare audio CDs at the 20th Century Music Company on Main Street.  I was lucky enough to pick up quite a few of these CD gems, but one definitely stood out as my favorite… Walt Takes You to Disneyland. This album features audio of Walt as he takes you […]

Halloween Time at Rays of Disneyland

It’s that time of year again, when a cool breeze whispers through the fallen leaves, when pumpkins peer down from the eaves on Main Street, when an eerie sort of orange hue seems to seep from the sunset and soak the night sky, and when ghostly stories catch the bony fingers of the wind and […]

Wordless Wednesday: Mousketeer Pumpkin on Main Street