1. fantasmic-five-fridayIt’s really nice to be back up and running here at Rays of Disneyland.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the week-long battle I fought to retrieve this domain from… wait for it… The Redemption Process… *cue lightning and dramatic organ music*  Yep, should you ever find yourself on a blog hiatus, don’t assume that your domain name has been renewed because there is every possibility that the credit card on file with your hosting service may have expired, causing your “Auto-Renewal” to switch back to “Manual Renewal.”  When that happens, small, hairy gremlins will reach into the blogosphere and drag your domain – kicking and screaming of course – into an underworld holding cell, where they will then demand large sums of money and a week of your time in exchange for getting your blog back on-line.  Well, it’s either that or a good ploy by hosting companies to take advantage of your unfortunate set of circumstances… but I like the first one better.
  2. I can’t believe it, but it’s already been a month since my fabulous Disney World vacation!  I’m excited to start a series of “Trip Report Tuesdays” next week to share some of my favorite memories and magic from that trip.
  3. Winnie the Pooh opens in theaters today and I can’t wait to see it.  No matter how old, I’ll always be a fan of “the bear of very little brains.” :-)  I’m interested to see if this film stays true to the original or veers more in the direction of the enjoyable but less traditional sequels.
  4. Disneyland is just 33 days away and I couldn’t be more excited… I really hope that they release the full D23 Expo schedule soon because I can’t wait to plan out my three days.  I’m also hoping that the sessions are either a little easier to get into this year or that they repeat them a couple of times.  My only regret from last time was not getting to see everything that I had wanted to see.
  5. 33 days until Disneyland means 33 days until I get to see World of Color again… and I can’t wait for that either!  It really was magnificent and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to watch it again.  Let the countdown begin…

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