1. fantasmic-five-fridayI feel like I’ve been living in a Disney movie the past couple of weeks… no, not the fairytale, picture-perfect world kind… the “for every laugh there should be a tear” kind.  Just a lot of sad and stressful situations lately and a lot of things I can’t fix, change, or heal.
  2. However, I did do the most exciting thing last weekend… booked my Disney World trip for June!  I’m still looking for some food tips from any WDW foodies out there, so please read my trip planning post and comment if you have some dining advice.  Thanks!
  3. I’ve been going back and reading the Kingdom Keepers books again in anticipation of the fourth book’s release in mid-April… these books are so captivating and engaging, I feel like I am actually at “Disney After Dark.”  If you haven’t read them yet… DO! 😀
  4. Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy Saint Patrick’s Day yesterday and enjoyed learning a little bit about the Little Man of Disneyland.
  5. Everytime I start planning a Disney trip I am more acutely aware of the changes to my body that my Fibromyalgia has caused.  My planning now has to include more break-time, more nap-time, and less go-time.  Any fellow Fibro Disney fans out there know what I’m talking about?

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