So, the saying goes, “Those who can’t… teach.”  For me, it’s more like this: “Those who can’t shop everyday at Disneyland, find the next best thing.”  Yes, it’s true, I am a die-hard Disney Shop-aholic.  The Cast Members at every Disney Store in town know me by name and I’ll admit to spending a fair amount of time browsing the “Disneyana” section on eBay.  But, the true pinnacle of my Disney collecting obsession is when the AMS Disney Character Warehouse comes to town.

The Character Warehouse stocks all of the amazing clothes, pins and kitsch that I see at Disneyland… but, at a considerably reduced price.  It is Disney shopping heaven!  And, yes, if there was a support group for this I would be automatically enrolled.  Until that day comes, however, join the fun and check out the AMS website to see if the warehouse is coming to a town near you…  Enjoy, but beware the addiction… properly warned ye be says I…

The mark of a true fanatic.  A camera phone shot of the outlet in the mall.

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