Looks sunny…

Things are looking brighter than ever here at Rays of Disneyland!  A huge thanks to all the new readers who have come here from NaBloWriMo.  Welcome… I hope you stay and play awhile. 🙂  NaBloWriMo really got the ball rolling here and November will continue with near daily updates.  Here’s the plan so far…

Mondays will alternate between a continuation of my Classic Disneyland Hotel series and a look at some of my other “vintage” memories from being a kid at Disneyland.

Tuesdays will continue with two more Trip Report Tuesdays, then I’ll focus on two particular experiences from my September trip.

Wednesday will still be Wordless, mostly because I like posting my pictures. 🙂

Thursdays are going to focus on some of my favorite ways to bring the Disneyland magic home with you after the vacation ends.

Fridays are still Fantasmic Five, which means I’ll be spouting out al kinds of random goodness from my life.

Saturdays and Sundays will probably only contain one post instead of two and it will be a Disney free-for-all.

So, I hope you stay tuned to Rays of Disneyland this month, it’s sure to be a magical month!  Look for this week’s Trip Report Tuesday either late tonight or before Wordless Wednesday gets posted tomorrow.

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