1. fantasmic-five-fridayWell, I’m half-way done with my “mandatory vacation” and, just like regular vacation, it has gone entirely too fast.  I spent a lot of the week deciding if I could afford an impromptu visit to Disneyland next week, but, while I might have been able to swing it with a hefty credit card charge, I would have been paying almost as much for three days as I paid for nine days in September.  Curse the 1000 miles between me and Anaheim!
  2. My precious pup – aptly named Tinker Bell – is scheduled to have leg surgery next week… while the procedure is fairly routine, there is a higher risk for her, as she has a collapsing trachea, which could make breathing in recovery a problem.  I trust that she is in good hands at my veterinarian, but we could still use lots of prayers and pixie dust next Tuesday!
  3. The end of NaBloWriMo is almost here, and while I definitely didn’t make a post a day, I am very please with myself for having only missed about 10 days throughout the month.  NaBloWriMo was a lot of fun, and I have to give a big shout-out to my friend Aaron for challenging me to get in there and write!  Check out his blog, by the way… it’s always entertaining. 🙂
  4. and 5. The fourth and fifth Fantasmic things this Friday have to be combined simply because they are quite the story… I leave you today with a quick “anecdote” from my week.  I had to go for a sleep study this week in an on-going effort to find the best treatment options for my Fibromyalgia.  I was extremely nervous for the study and tried to make comfort my first priority in planning for what to take with me for the night.  I decided matching wasn’t as important as comfort, and as long as I was warm and in soft, stretchy pjs, I was good to go.  Therefore, picture if you will, what you might look like first thing in the morning when all of your other pjs are in the dirty laundry, you have your mid-1990s glasses on (because you never wanted to spend the money to get new ones in the past 10 years), your hair is sloppily pulled back on your head, and you put on a few extra pounds that your softy pants and thermal top are doing nothing to hide.  Got that image?  Good, now multiply it by ten and that’s what I looked like when I walked in the door for my sleep study.  I got checked in and a nice lady came down to take another patient and me to the sleep lab.  “Great,” I thought, “Nothing to worry about, this lady is nice and comforting… this won’t be so bad.”  WRONG.  We got to the lab and nice lady number one passed me on to Andrew, my technician for the night.  Yep, Andrew… so remember that mental image of the girl that couldn’t possibly look worse?  Great, now picture the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen in real life and then multiply that by ten.  That image right there, that was Andrew.  Best of all, Andrew got to weigh me, watch me use my myriad of nasal sprays, and even fit a stretchy band around the circumference of my slightly “fluffy” stomach.  When he took my blood pressure and pulse he asked if I was a little nervous.  “Well, have you seen YOU,” I thought to myself, “Yeah, I’m a little nervous.”  Turns out my resting heart rate was 110. Yeah, I think it’s supposed to be like 60 or something, but that’s for someone who hasn’t seen Andrew, who was, of course, very nice and smart, and, well you get the idea.  So the moral of the story is that Murphy’s Law for medical procedures is this: The worse you look, the hotter the nurse will be… remember that.

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